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Possum Kingdom property owners face challenges living a long distance from their lake property.  Our insight can help you make informed decisions when you are considering selling.  

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Possum Kingdom Real Estate® embraces a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy which includes a mix of online and offline tactics to maximize visibility, attract leads, and ultimately, convert them into buyers. Nobody else specializes in the promotion of Possum Kingdom Lake to this extreme.

Traditional real estate marketing methods still play an important role, but ONLINE LEAD GENERATION has become increasingly more important to reach today’s digitally savvy consumers.  The truth is buyers today are just not walking into real estate offices nor are they phoning in as much to talk to a stranger. Buyer leads come mostly through the internet.


The inventory of available property in the Possum Kingdom, with reasonable pricing, is LOW. So please do NOT let a lower commission offered by one of our competitors be your deciding factor for selecting a listing agent. Despite the greater expense, time and additional expense PKRE® spends on promotion and specialized marketing, we can be more competitive in what we charge for our services. Ask us about our 2024 COMMISSION SAVINGS OFFER.   

Truth is, we need more available properties to offer the many prospective buyers who would love to own their own lake dream home.


POSSUM KINGDOM REAL ESTATE® dares to compare the cost of our extensive advertising campaigns PLUS the expense and effort we spend on marketing for Possum Kingdom Lake properties to any realtor! Your commission dollar is sure to buy much more marketing with us. From $5,000 interior lots, to our massive lake estates, we take pride in offering the best presentation with the highest exposure for every property type and price range.  No wonder we keep breaking the market records for highest sales price at PK Lake. 

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