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Possum Kingdom SPECIALIZED Marketing

Any Agent can list a property for sale online, making the internet a very congested place. Did you know that Possum Kingdom Lake is NOT a searchable city on most national real estate search websites, like Zillow, because we do not have our own zip code? That’s right. Buyers need to intentionally search for Graford, Strawn, Graham or Caddo Texas or its zip codes 76449, 76475, 76450 or 76429 to see Possum Kingdom properties on most of these national search websites! But with PKRE® specialized marketing, geared just for the Possum Kingdom Lake area, your property may be found on more than 800 websites! Our company promotions on many of these national search websites are geared to cause our clients’ properties to stand out from the crowd.

Think About ESSENTIAL Services

Long-distance agents who live more than 30 minutes from the Possum Kingdom area may be closer to many of the Buyers but are often not familiar with Possum Kingdom Lake. Providing essential services in a second-home market is almost impossible for them because of the time required to travel back and forth for the countless tasks required. Digitalized lockboxes may be a convenience for them, but they cannot warn anyone that the property’s doors or windows may have been left unsecured or the lights and AC have been left on for weeks at a time. In contrast, PKRE® agents are available to help keep Possum Kingdom area Sellers’ properties secure and we always accompany Buyers upon our Clients’ request. PLUS, we are happy to assist all less familiar Buyer Agents during showings upon their request.

Our Clients’ COME FIRST

Since 1996 our website,, has been the “GO TO” tool for folks wanting to learn about buying Possum Kingdom Lake property PLUS properties in surrounding areas. Our company website has consistently ranked high in organic search engines like Google which puts our inventory ahead of the competition. On the national websites, our PKRE® Team buying power causes our clients’ properties to have a preferred placement (where available). Plus, our Exclusive Listings of lake area homes and land are showcased FIRST in every search result in our website, a feature reserved exclusively for our Clients’ properties. Our billboard campaign is the largest in the entire Possum Kingdom Lake area country, these 24/7/365 ads direct visitors to both our website and the Welcome Center, where we love talking about our Clients’ properties. A PKRE ® Agent is always available to show properties to qualified prospective Buyers and of course our Exclusive Listings are always our top priority.

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