About The North End


is known for its river bottom beautiful trees, gentle sloping sandy shorelines and hill country backdrop. On the North End of Possum Kingdom Lake, you will experience beautiful Texas sunsets and an amazingly grand view of the Palo Pinto Mountains. Being close to the entry point of the river is another attractive feature for people that come to fish our pristine waters. Three out of the five islands on Possum Kingdom are located here. 

 Carter Island

 Bloodweed Island

 Sand Island also known as “Bird Island”

These are pristine nature reserves for the many migrating birds that arrive at Possum Kingdom every season. This is a bird watchers paradise! 

The North end has several convenience stores and restaurants and is the home of many of our other businesses including the Possum Kingdom Lake Chamber of Commerce. The North end has been enjoyable for both visiting families and full-time residents for many years as it is the closest area of the lake to Wichita Falls and other North Texas communities. And now the shoreline of Possum Kingdom Lakes newest gated community is located here as well. Be sure to check out our video on the Hills Above Possum Kingdom. No matter where you end up staying on Possum Kingdom we encourage you to take a boat ride up river into the mouth of the Brazos River and see why this area is such a favorite to anglers and hunters alike.

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