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In a world where most everyone has “that one friend” or family member that is a real estate agent, and an overabundance of agents trying to gain your trust or business (sometimes both), how do you decide on who to work with? Naturally we want to support our friends, family and business associates, but are they really going to bring us the most for our property? Or are they really capable of helping me negotiate the best price to buy a new lake home?

What’s the deal?

As a local agent at PK Lake, I can personally tell you multiple stories of trying to help property owners who purchased a property with the assistance of an out-of-town agent who compared their in-town prices to some of the properties in our area and their clients relied upon them and they thought they were “getting a deal.” The reality was these buyers overpaid for these lake properties and now they’re having to take a loss because of poor out of town advice. Was it intentional on the agent’s part? Of course not! They just didn’t know any better. At PK Lake we sometimes refer to this as “playing in someone else’s sandbox”.

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“I know the PK market because I own property there….”

Because PK is known as both a second home market and a luxury market, many a metroplex agent gets to see firsthand how “green the grass is” so the temptation of high commissions in our market is very tempting.  They think they are capable of providing full service to clients at PK because they own cabins, condos or a building lot here. Sure, these agents are somewhat familiar because they were involved in a transaction or maybe two BUT the question should be do they spend time here working enough to honestly be competent and not unnecessarily expose their client to potential economic loss or liability?

“I have always spent my summers at PK so I really know PK…”

Possum Kingdom Lake is centrally located lake for many metropolitan cities. We know lots of friendly agents from out of town that use PK as their own escape and get-away. BUT time spent doing recreational activities is not the same as time spent working in real estate at Possum Kingdom Lake!  Unless an agent intentionally spends time here working how could they learn enough about how to competently advise others in this very unique market?



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Agents gain experience and knowledge by closing deals.  So, you can assume knowing WHERE an agent has closed deals should be an indication of where they work. On Zillow or you can actually see the SOLDS an agent has made on each agent’s profile.  For more tips like these check out our Sellers Guide.


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Possum Kingdom property owners face challenges living a long distance from their lake property. Our insights can help you make informed decisions when you are considering selling. Our expertise can help you achieve your goals while protecting your best interests.  Our SELLERS GUIDE is really an updated recourse anyone should read before listing property in ANY market.




Written By Matthew Renfro